Warranty Terms
Online store www.solano-labs.com the goods offered are provided manufacturer's warranty and the warranty period is at least 2 years.
1. The manufacturer's warranty is valid if: the original of the document confirming the purchase. The payment order and the bank printout of the payment execution
are not considered as documents confirming the purchase; a completed warranty card (booklet or receipts) in case the manufacturer or distributor has included one in the product package. In order to receive the manufacturer's warranty service, the Buyer needs to deliver the goods to SIA '' SOLANO LV ''
goods acceptance point. In order to receive the service, it is necessary to present a document confirming the purchase (bill of lading or leasing agreement) and deliver the goods to the point of acceptance of the goods in full. Expenses related to the transportation of the goods shall be borne by the Buyer. The warranty is binding on its issuer (manufacturer) in accordance with the terms of the warranty document.
2. Manufacturer's warranty conditions that do not apply to the Manufacturer's warranty: The accessories included in the package of the purchased product and / or the warranty are limited (remote controls, cables and wires. For replacement of components whose wear and tear cannot be prevented.
3. The manufacturer's warranty is not valid in the following cases: mechanical damage to the product during use; in case of damage, if the cause of their occurrence does not depend on the manufacturer or seller; damage caused by force majeure (natural disasters, lightning, fire, etc.);
in cases where the conditions of use, storage and transportation specified in the instructions for use of the goods of the seller or manufacturer have not been complied with; The manufacturer's warranty is not valid if the damage to the product is due to the fault of the Buyer. Warranty conditions, which are not mentioned here, are regulated in accordance with the Consumer Rights Protection Law and other regulatory enactments in force in the Republic of Latvia regulating the field of product warranty